September 2023 – Plastics fair in Den Bosch Also this year, we have exhibited on the plastics fair in Den
August 2023 – CMM In our measureing department, we still have operational a SIP Orion 5, still in high accuracy,
July 2023 – Solar panels We have been working for years to reduce our CO2 footprint, and the next step
August 2023 – Measuring room Due to the increasing activities, the measuring room started to become too small, and renovating
March 2023 – Keyence IM 8030 We already had a Keyence IM-6225 in both the stamping shop and the injection
March 2023 – Installment of overhead cranes In the stamping shop it has been a long-standing wish to be able
November 2022 – New injection molding machines We had to wait a long time for them, but now they are
October 2022 – New start drill Our Agiedrill 20 needed to be replaced, still working well, but with outdated control options. The
September 2022 – Additional injection molding machines Although we have new machines on order, we have had to decide in the meantime
Juli 2021 Automation of quality related work is a step to decrease operator time, to counter the cost effect of
May 2021 – Recertification All our quality certificates ISO9001, ISO13485 and IATF 16949 have been renewed.
March 2021 In our metrology department we have extended our posibilities in 3D, with the Keyence VR-5200 we can scan