Plastics fair Den Bosch

September 2023 – Plastics fair in Den Bosch Also this year, we have exhibited on the plastics fair in Den Bosch, as organised by Mikrocentrum. As a novelty, we presented a hybrid cross between a mold and a die.


August 2023 – CMM In our measureing department, we still have operational a SIP Orion 5, still in high accuracy, and retrofitted with a new controll in 201 by Leitz, but diverse components of this machine cannot be serviced anymore, therefor we have made the decision some time ago to search a worthy replacement, and […]

Solar panels


July 2023 – Solar panels We have been working for years to reduce our CO2 footprint, and the next step is to install solar panels on the suitable roofs of the company. Now that is part of the Run 4216 building, on which we placed a new roof covering last year. With these panels, we […]

Measuring room

August 2023 – Measuring room Due to the increasing activities, the measuring room started to become too small, and renovating or moving it is expensive. In collaboration with our partner for office supplies, a new layout has been devised, with new furniture, so that we can move forward in the current area for a while.

Keyence IM 8030

March 2023 – Keyence IM 8030 We already had a Keyence IM-6225 in both the stamping shop and the injection molding shop to measure products. Due to the growth of the company, we wanted to have a second one in the stamping shop, but the model is no longer available. So we moved the Keyemce […]

Installment of overhead cranes


March 2023 – Installment of overhead cranes In the stamping shop it has been a long-standing wish to be able to hang coils more easily, so that the operators no longer have to do this with the forklift. As the building is fairly low, special engineering had to be done by Van de Berg Demag […]

New injection molding machines

November 2022 – New injection molding machines We had to wait a long time for them, but now they are here! 1 * Arburg 370 S, and 1 * Arburg 320 C. With the ever-growing activities, these machines are again needed to accommodate production, and they are again with the latest gadgets.

New start drill

October 2022 – New start drill Our Agiedrill 20 needed to be replaced, still working well, but with outdated control options. The machine has been replaced by a GF machining Drill 20. This machine is the successor to the Agiedrill, as GF machining is the successor to Agie. The advantage of this machine is that DXF files can be […]

Additional injection molding machines

September 2022 – Additional injection molding machines Although we have new machines on order, we have had to decide in the meantime to purchase 2 extra machines on the second-hand market, in order to cope with the production pressure. We searched and found small machines : 2 pieces Arburg, 1 x 220 S, and 1 x 270 […]

Measurement automation

Juli 2021 Automation of quality related work is a step to decrease operator time, to counter the cost effect of ever increasing demand for measurement data, increase person indepency and eliminate errors. For this purpose we have chosen to install Inspection manager software some time ago, which integrates a number of quality related functions for […]