Partial takeover of activities of HMI moulds

Matrijs 3

June 2020

The last years, Euro-techniek subcontracted a number of moulds to HMI moulds in Oisterwijk (NL) which were necessary for our injection molding department. This to the full satisfaction of our customers, ourselves and HMI moulds. Unfortunately, HMI had to file for bancruptcy due to a combination of a lack of financial reserves, and the Corona crisis in China. At Euro-Techniek, from the bancruptcy onward, how we could transfer the ways of working with respect to molds from HMI to Euro-Techniek. In the past months, we have taken over a number of machines, and also a number of people have made the transition from HMI to Euro-Techniek. At current, molds are being designed, parts are being made, and molds are assembled by former HMI personell at Euro-Techniek!

The former director of HMI has accepted the position as toolshop manager at Euro-Techniek. With this extension, we expect to be more complete in our services to our customers.