On demand of a number of customers and the related increase of medical parts supplied by us we have successfully
As an extension of our machinery and possibilities in our injection moulding department, an Arburg 420C-1000 with multilift V has
For the building which houses the tooling and stamping department, a new central heating system is installed. By doing so,
Since 1999, Euro-Techniek has available a SIP Orion 5. This measurement machine is still one of the most accurate available.
Also this year, Euro-Techniek has been present at the precision fair. Also for the reporter of the “Eindhovens Dagblad” (dutch
On February 9, our ISO 9001:2000 certificate was converted into the new ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
On January 8, three of our Arburg injection molding machines and two flow boxes were validated by GfPS mbH to
For prototyping and operations for small series, we expanded our machine park with a second hydraulic press, a 63 ton
To respond to the current growth in clean room molding products for the medical market, we invested in an additional
We installed an additional 80 ton hydraulic press with a 350 mm stroke in our stamping department, which gives us
Our stamping department keeps growing, so we moved into a new warehouse from where all outbound goods will be shipped.
We bought an Agie start-hole drilling machine, AgieDrill, to keep our erosion department young.