Eurotechniek - Injection molding

Injection molding

Our injection molding department specializes in high-end injection molding with small tolerances in “tough” materials, that can also have metal, ceramic or magnetic inserts. This we do mainly for technical products (size and form) and optical products (non-imaging optics).

The serie sizes which we manufacture run from a few loose pieces to medium (10 million), with maximum handheld format.

Our injection molding customers are mainly active in the automotive, life sciences, professional equipment and LED industries. We also do a lot of test molding for our tool shop and we do tests for various knowledge centers.

This has enabled us to gain experience with a large number of process materials, several of which we have in stock (for example, >50 different optical qualities, >50 different medical grades, >100 engineering grades).

Our injection molding department works with:

  • Horizontal and vertical machines
  • Manual insert molding and automatic unmanned insert molding
  • Clamping forces ranging from 25 to 100 tons(1000 kN)
  • Robots for inserts or removal of product/sprue if desired
  • Clean-air modules for a particle-free environment according to ISO 14644, class 8, if desired
  • If required, we can assemble your products, when necessary in a clean room envoironment (ISO class 7 / ISO class 8), when necessary with microbiological monitoring

Here too, we can assemble your products in a clean environment with microbiological monitoring, if desired.

Injection molding media